We provide a licensed captain, life jackets, masks, snorkeling gear.

2-hour tour itinerary:

Spotting dolphins and other wildlife starts as we leave the dock. With a short cruise across the bay we reach scenic views of Shell Island and the Jetties that lead to the Gulf of Mexico. If time allows we’ll anchor and walk the famous white sand beaches of Shell Island and/or get an opportunity to snorkel. All activities are time permitting, and it is highly suggested that if you want to spend more time on the beach or snorkeling to book a longer trip.

We will provide:

  • Snorkel Gear
  • Life Jackets + Safety
  • Equipment
  • Water Sports Gear
  • A Cooler Full of Ice
  • Instructional Review from one of our Guides
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Swimwear 
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Valid ID if consuming alcohol
  • Any medications you may need

Cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance will be refunded. Cancellations made less then 24 hours will not be refunded.

Our trips are weather dependent, and your safety is our top priority. Florida may be the sunshine state, but inclement weather does happen. If weather conditions arise jeopardizing patron safety, then the  trip may be rescheduled or fully refunded. This discretion will be done by the captain of the trip and will be communicated with you as soon as possible.

Your health and safety is also a priority, and follow these guidelines to ensure a safe trip for everyone.

  • Customer Discretion-  Please do not board a trip if showing signs and symptoms of illness. 
  • Social Distancing- Our smaller size groups are able to have ample outdoor space to maintain social distancing
  • Cleaning- All frequently touched surfaces disinfected frequently and snorkel gear cleaned after every use

Yes, free and ample parking is available to accommodate all sizes of vehicles.

Depending on beach location, we are located in Panama City and is approximately a 20 minute drive from the beach.

Please be 15-30 minutes early. This ensures an ontime departure.

Yes, you are walking distance from famous restaurants, local breweries, and down town shops of Panama City.

Private restrooms available at the dock. There are no bathrooms onboard the boat.

Six passengers plus the captain. 7 total onboard.

A majority of our tours are in calm protected waters which helps limit sea sickness. Yet, everyone is different and we can not predict who can be seasick. If you are prone to motion sickness,  chances of getting seasick are higher. 

Yes, life jackets are provided and available onboard. We are equipped with children and adult size vests.

You are not required to wear a life vest, but may wear one if more comfortable.

No, many trips are greatly enjoyed by staying on the boat.

Absolutely, this is fun for the whole family. Please use discretion with kids under 4, and please call with further age questions.

Yes. Feel free to bring drinks and snacks. Patrons consuming alcohol must provide valid ID.

No, with a small shared space smoking is not preferred on trips.

There is always a chance of getting ocean spray from a boat, but if staying completely dry is a concern, ask the captain where to sit to stay dry.

No, items brought onboard that need to stay dry can be stored in secured covered areas.

Yes, most cell phone carriers have excellent reception for the entire trip.

Yes, we have shaded seats under a bimini umbrella.

Yes, please feel free to bring bags or soft coolers. Please limit hard coolers as there is cooler space available on board already.

Yes, any kind of sunscreen is recommended to be used on all tours.

No, Snorkel gear is provided for you at no additional cost.

This is dependent on time, water conditions, and preference. Most snorkel portions will take 45 minutes.

The water temperature ranges from 68-75 in the spring months and up to 90 degrees in the summer. 

Neither are needed, but if you want extra warmth please feel free to bring your own. 

No, many people enjoy the tour from the boat and choose not to get in the water.

No, they are wild animals, but chances are almost 100% as we have dolphins that live here year around.

Anytime! We are fortunate to have dolphins that live here year around.

Wildlife sightings include birds, turtles, tropical fish, dolphins, sharks and marine invertebrates.