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Dolphins of Panama City Beach

Making an splash!

2022 was the first season of Flippin’ Awesome Adventures, and it was FLIPPIN’ AWESOME. We saw a variety of wildlife with dolphins and turtles being our biggest attraction. Take a look at some great photos taken on the boat tours.

Dolphin and Calf
PCB Dolphin
PCB Dolphin
PCB Dolphin
PCB Dolphin
PCB Dolphin

Other Wildlife

Flippin’ Adventures is more than just dolphins! We have had so many different creatures seen on our trips. We see wildlife above and below the water. As some trips choose to snorkel, like I tell everyone…. you never know what you’re goin to see. Called critter corner for a reason, when able wildlife are handled with care and learned about. Flippin’ Awesome Adventures is hands on tries to make learning fun for all ages!

Sea Star
Manta Ray
Scrawled Cow Fish
Triton Shell
Sea Urchin

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