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Why a 3 hour tour is the best value.

Flippin’ Awesome first timers agree, 3 hours is the way to go.

After a first season of running over 200 trips, its become apparent that a 3 hour tour is ideal for the first time boat tour. Polling previous trip goers and repeat customers (yes I got repeat customers my first year in business!) most agree and say 2 hour trips go too quick. Customers have consistently wanted more time exploring Shell Island, snorkeling, and having fun on the boat!

Boat at Shell Island
Shell Island Adventures

People Love Critter Corner!

One of unique offerings of Flippin’ Awesome Adventures, is what Capt. Chris calls “Critter Corner”. With available time, Capt. Chris helps customers find local marine life that is safe to handle. Topped off with education on found critters and of course a quick picture for a lasting memory! *All marine life is handle with care and safety to protect both people and the wildlife*

Sea Hare
Speckled Crab
Sea Urchin
Sand Dollars
Sea Star


Time flies when you are having fun! Many patrons this year tried snorkeling for the first time and loved it. The 3 hour tour gives us ample time to find a good snorkeling spots, and teach the basic skills if needed. Whether novice or expert, finding and spotting wildlife can take time, and many people enjoyed swimming around in the water longer than expected.

Snorkeling at Shell Island
Snorkeling at Shell Island

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