Critter Corner Spotlight: Sea Stars (Starfish) in Panama City Beach

Ever dream of getting up close and personal with some amazing underwater critters? Well, hold on to your seashells friends, because Flippin’ Awesome Adventures is about to introduce you to Critter Corner, one of the coolest parts of your Panama City Beach dolphin tour (but really, every part is cool)! Today, we’re talking about Sea Stars (you might call them starfish)!

What exactly is Critter Corner?

St. Andrews Bay is filled with a diverse marine life. Critter Corner is your underwater adventure zone where Captain Chris transforms the boat into an interactive learning experience. More than just spotting wildlife from afar – Critter Corner takes you to Captain Chris’ secret spots in St. Andrews Bay, teeming with fascinating marine life. This experience lets you get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures – touch them, hold them, and learn all about them.

Captain Chris, a marine biologist with a passion for sharing his knowledge, knows all the secret hideaways where different marine life like to live and hang out. He dives into the crystal-clear waters and handpicks an array of sea stars, fish, shells and other incredible animals for you to meet! The best part? You get to touch (with permission, of course) and hold these amazing creatures while Captain Chris shares his expert insights. It’s no surprise that Critter Corner is a favorite amongst our guests, both kids and adults! it’s a chance to learn, explore, and create unforgettable memories! Every adventure is unique – you never know what you might encounter! But one thing’s for sure – sea stars are frequent flyers in Critter Corner, so keep your eyes peeled and you might find a sea star too!

Snorkeling with Flippin’ Awesome Adventures to find Sea Stars

Ever wonder about those stunning star-shaped creatures clinging to the ocean floor? Those are sea stars, also known as starfish! Found in all corners of the globe, from tropical reefs to frigid Arctic waters, these fascinating invertebrates call Panama City Beach home, particularly in the rich ecosystem of St. Andrews Bay. While there are over 2,000 species of sea stars out there, you won’t encounter them all here. But St. Andrews Bay does boast a vibrant community of sea stars, making them a frequent sight on your Flippin’ Awesome Adventures dolphin tour!

Fun Facts About Sea Stars

Sea Stars: The Ocean’s Echinoderms (Not Actually Fish!)

Don’t let the name fool you – sea stars, often called starfish, aren’t fish at all! They lack fins, gills, and the ability to swim. Instead, they’re slow movers, relying on tiny tube feet to propel themselves across the seafloor. In fact, sea stars belong to a group called echinoderms, which also includes sand dollars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.

Super Regeneration! How Sea Stars Can Grow Back Lost Limbs

While most boast the classic five-pointed star shape, some sea stars can have up to 40 arms, like the sun sea star! Protected by a tough, calcified skin, sea stars boast an impressive regenerative ability. If a predator takes a bite, a sea star can regrow lost limbs. In some incredible cases, a single severed arm can even develop into a whole new sea star!

Sneaky Snackers: How Sea Stars Devour Their Dinner

Sea stars may move slow and steady, but they’re cunning carnivores with a unique dining strategy –  and a particular fondness for mollusks like clams, mussels, and oysters. Here in St. Andrews Bay, you’ll see them munching on sand dollars! Their secret weapon for cracking open these tightly sealed meals? Their tiny tube feet! These work together to pry open the shell. But here’s the surprising part: sea stars have a special trick up their sleeve (or rather, out of their mouth!). They can actually evert their stomachs, meaning they push their entire stomach out of their bodies and directly into the opened shell. This “eviscerating stomach” dissolves the prey’s insides, allowing the sea star to then pull its stomach (and the digested goodness) back in for a satisfying meal. Talk about a unique way to eat!

Sea Stars Are Masters of Disguise

Sea stars are masters of disguise with a remarkable ability to camouflage and blend into their surroundings. Their colors and intricate patterns often mimic the textures and hues of the ocean floor, like rocks, sand, or coral reefs. This incredible camouflage serves a dual purpose: it allows them to evade predators who might otherwise snack on them, and it helps them surprise unsuspecting prey. So, the next time you spot a sea star on your Flippin’ Awesome Adventures dolphin tour, take a closer look – it might be blending in so well you almost miss it!

Sea Star Senses: Seeing, Sensing, and Breathing Underwater

Sea stars have a surprisingly unique anatomy. Sea stars have tiny light-detecting eyes at the end of each arm that help them distinguish between light and darkness, aiding in navigation. The bottom of each arm is lined with hundred of tube feet that help propel them across the ocean floor. They’re also extremely sensitive to the touch. This heightened awareness helps them navigate the ocean floor and sense changes in their environment, keeping them safe from predators and on the hunt for food. Unlike fish, sea stars don’t breathe through gills. Instead, they rely on tiny structures called papulae, also known as skin gills, scattered across their bodies and tube feet. These papulae absorb oxygen from the water, allowing sea stars to breathe efficiently in their aquatic environment. 

Be a Star Among Sea Stars: Share the Bay Responsibly

While sea stars or starfish don’t have the same mobility as dolphins, they require a respectful approach when encountered in the wild. Here at Flippin’ Awesome Adventures, responsible wildlife viewing and handling is our top priority.

Be Aware, Be Respectful: As a responsible snorkeler or beachcomber, it’s crucial to observesea stars from the surface or have a trained professional explain handling techniques. With proper protection and a healthy environment, Flippin’ Awesome Adventures prioritizes safe and respectful encounters with all marine life.

Snorkeling with Flippin’ Awesome Adventures to find Sea Stars

Led by our expert marine biologist, Captain Chris, we ensure responsible viewing and handling of starfish or sea stars. Captain Chris’s knowledge and education allow him to expertly spot sea stars from a safe distance, allowing you to witness and potentially handle these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat with minimal disturbance. Join us on your next dolphin tour and experience the magic of encountering starfish or sea stars responsibly!

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